Who are we BEING?

Who are you?

I don’t care what you do for a living.

I don’t care where you live or what you look like.

I don’t care what god you connect with, if any at all.

I don’t care what your relationship or family looks like, or if you even have one at all.

I don’t care what your politics look like.

I do care strongly if you use all of these as permission to bully, abuse, or otherwise harm another. I believe strongly in vigorous defense to remove a danger. I will remove a threat that is an imminent danger to those I am charged to provide safety for those who have entrusted me with their vulnerability, even as it hurts to do so because I understand abuse also comes from a space of pain.

Otherwise, I care about what is is you are trying to be.

How are you desiring to show up in this world?

What lights you up?

What sets your passions ablaze?

What gets you out of bed in the morning because you seek it?

What keeps you in bed because you’ve given up on it?

What screams through when you are connected to your core, or to spirit, or your North Star, or whatever you call it?

I want to know THAT. I want to know what you are BEING. If that idea feels like the absolute opposite of everything you knew ever, it’s because it probably is. It certainly was to me, and I still struggle with it as someone who learned very early on in life that the only way you are worthy of love is to succeed. I know it isn’t true but the programming still lands.

Being is what is under all of the armor, or the mask, or the makeup. It’s who we appeared on this plane as before we learned to cut it off or bury it in order to have our needs met, because we learned, often unintentionally, that this only happened if we showed up in a certain way and only in that way.

Who would you be if you could be guaranteed that there would never be consequences as a result?

If this makes your head explode, let me invite you to explore this book first, check out the attached website, and after that I invite you to read it. Follow the instructions given in how to read it to the letter. Starting with the back cover and the introduction, and then reading it as though it is about you.

I bet you come through with some clarity on being through reading it in this way, I sure have.

(Note: I have not received any compensation from the authors, publishers, or anyone involved to share it. It effected me profoundly and from that space I wish to invite you to share in that experience.)

After reading twice (a thing I never do), then putting it down once I realized I was trying to force myself to do so in a perfect way, I created a document (there is more about this in the book and I invite you to create one for yourself). This all describes who I believe myself to be at my core, while acknowledging that some of these could be better described as “who I desire to be” than “who I am”. That’s okay. I am a being deserving of all the things as I am now, just like every one of us.

“I am Rich. Uncle to Hannah and Andrew. Brother. Son. Friend. Minister. Leader. Creator. (Future) partner. Dreamer. Builder.

I am the beacon for misfits, wanderers, and the rest of us seeking “home”.

I am the most excellent community builder.

I am a breather of life, through meeting my brothers and sisters where they are at while also seeing them where they want to be seen.

I am a provider of secure spaces, deep connection, and a true sense of belonging.

I am a powerful creator, connecting all who are open and willing through my abilities with the written and spoken word.

I am a gracious receiver of my value and beyond as an effect of sharing my being.

I am. All that I have to be is already within me. I am a leader of community, and I am a lone wolf. I am a teacher, and I am a student. I am wonder. I am curiosity. I am questioning. I am presence. I am maitri. I am a rock, and I am a river. I am steady. I am safety. I am adventure. I am contradiction.

I am that I appear as any or all of these or none at all and still be present in my being.

This is my divine birthright. This cannot be changed by any determination made by myself or others. This cannot be changed based on my successes or failures. It is solid. It is unwavering. It is my foundation from which everything else is built upon. My worth is my rock.”

Community for Misfits, Wanderers, and the Rest of Us

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Writer. Guide. Mentor. Visionary. Voice. Presence. Geeks out over MCU, Star Wars, baseball, and randomness. Question everything except your worth.

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Rich Levesque

Rich Levesque

Writer. Guide. Mentor. Visionary. Voice. Presence. Geeks out over MCU, Star Wars, baseball, and randomness. Question everything except your worth.

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