“Oh, Hey Intuition, Nice Timing!”

Rich Levesque
3 min readJul 30, 2022

My intuition often is a source of frustration for me. Admittedly of my own doing of course.

Part of my design is “wait to respond” and ego (who I’m pretty sure is playing the role of me at 16–17 who would do some pretty effed up things because the ramifications for that were easier to deal with than the wrath of my parents if I was even a minute late) sees waiting as “danger” and even when I do wait the screaming is so loud I can rarely hear my intuition if and when it actually does decide to pipe up. Yeah, I know all the things, and sometimes they just don’t work.

Then there are moments like last evening.

I’ve been in the habit of disappearing in the back woods lately for an hour or two or many to try to reconnect. If you know me, you know that being out in some sense of nature is one of the few ways to connect within that actually work. It’s also where I can actually see what (for me, YMMV) is God (universe, source, etc.) without snapping back to the angry sky authoritarian programmed from childhood.

Which is all probably connected to the story I’m going to share from last night.

Now there’s a deep area that goes in a sharp downhill and includes some wetland areas that I take care not to trample over. In one area is a huge rock that I’ll climb up on and sit for a bit and do that connecting thing. I was there for about an hour and I was starting to lose daylight so I figured I should make my way back.

There is one (sort of) path that I usually take that leads me out, it’s fairly briar-free. otherwise, I find myself regretting not taking a machete. Briars suck when you wear shorts, which I rarely do but dammit, it’s been hot (for here) this week!

As I was climbing off of the rock, I had this wave that burst through my gut that screamed “DO NOT TAKE THE PATH!” and to instead work my way through to a nearby field and make my way out from there. I figured when something comes through that strongly I’d better listen. Briar scratches heal, I guess.

It was about as fun as I expected and as I was stepping back and recalibrating because what looked like an opening turned out to not exactly be. As I was doing so, I heard a loud CRASH to my right.

I turned to see a massive tree limb just dropped a little less than 100 feet (I think) away. It fell right about where I would’ve been had I taken the path I usually take.

I’m pretty sure that would’ve sucked considerably harder than the annoying scratches from the briars (which only ended up being like 3), and I found that they weren’t as annoying when you have “holy crap holy crap holy crap” adrenaline flowing through the body.

Certainly not the first time that’s happened, and there’s a part of me that wishes that voice could be that loud more often, because maybe I’d…well, anyway.

Would love to invite others to share their similar experience. Whether it led to attracting something really cool or avoiding some kind of doom, because I know there have to be a bunch of those out there!

(The attached pic is NOT the limb in question but it sort of fits)

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