Cause & Effect (and Leaky Ceilings)

(Originally written in 2019)

Quick Unwanted Thought of the Day:

Apply this however it shows up for you, because more than likely you’re correct any way you do so.

We keep focusing and fighting about how to fix the EFFECTS. Seriously, think about any hot button topic these days and how it’s addressed. Or the kinds of solutions offered up. No matter how awesome, or stupid, or both that we think they are.

Meanwhile, we never look at the CAUSE. Seriously, we never do. Sometimes we think we are but it’s just another aspect of the effect. Look really hard. Then we wonder why shit never changes.

It’s like when water drips through the ceiling. We get so damn caught up in which bucket to use to catch the drip. Maybe someone insists on sticking something on or in the ceiling to soak the water up. That’s considered to be an “out of the box” answer.

But no one bothers to check where the water is coming from in the first place. The initial leak is never addressed, so the drip never actually stops.

Finger pointing and other buckets and towels come, yet no one ever goes up on the damn roof to find the actual cause.
Rinse, repeat.



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